Code Of Conduct

The School expects all students to maintain high standard of discipline. Students are expected to communicate only in English which is the medium of instruction.They should be dedicated to academics and participate in the co-scholastic and co-curricular activities of the school. They should be well mannered. Courteous and considerate to the needs of others.

Every student of school is expected to be loyal to the school. She/He must respect the authorities and staff of the school. They must follow the rules and regulations prescribed by the school. Any failure on the part of the students not abiding by the rules of the school will attract appropriate disciplinary measures.

Menbers of the student council, house captains, monitors together with staff are responsible for the discipline of the school.


Students must strictly adhere to the rules of the school regarding the uniform. Any deviation is unacceptable. Parents are requested to monitor the turn out of their wards in the morning before they set off for school.

Parents are requested to ensure that their wards wear proper clean inner ware. The parents must ensure that they pick up the right fabric prescribed by the school for the uniform.

While boys must keep their hair short and well groomed, girls should make two plaits if their hair is lng or two pony tails in case of short hair. Use a plane hair band if the hair is too short. Hair should not fall on the forehead.

  •  On all days students are expected to ware proper prescribed shoes.
  •  All students are expected to keep their finger nails trimmed regularly with no nail polish.
  •  No jewelry articles are to be worn by the students to school.
  •  Students should not have any tattoos on their body.


  •  Students are expected to be regular and punctual to school. Strudents are expected to be present in the school on all the working days.
  •  In the event of their inability to attend the school they will produce a leave application duly signed by their parents on the following day failing which the student will not be allowed to the classes.
  •  No student is permitted to leave the school premises without the permission of the school authority. In case of a need the parent / guardian should accompany with a gate pass obtained from office.


  •  While every effort is made to reduce the weight of the school bag the parents and student are expected to actively cooperate with the school in achieving this goal.
  •  Student are expected to bring the books as per the Time table.
  •  Mobile Phone, CDs, Pen Drives, Adult magazines, Mp3 players etc. are strictly forbidden in the school campus, if found will be confiscated and called for serious disciplinary action.
  •  Carrying / Chewing bubble gums are strictly prohibited.


The school is committed to developing a possitive and adaptive behaviour that enable students to deal effectively with the demands and changes of everyday life such a Good manners, Decision making, The following practices will lead to strict disciplinary actions.

  •  Disfiguring or damaging school property.
  •  Scribbling or writing on the walls / furniture or uniform.
  •  Damaging, scribbling or tearing of pages from library books, text or exercise books.
  •  Bringing sharp and injury causing articles.
  •  Usage of abusive language.
  •  Leave is not granted except on prior written application from the parents.

  •  Every absence, sick leave etc. which is less than three days, must be entered in the leave-record pages of the Handbook and signed by the parent.
  •  If a student is unable to come to school for more than three days, the case must be reported to the Principal.
  •  Repeated absence without written leave or absence for more than six consecutive days renders a student liable to have her name Struck off the rolls.
  •  Students are expected to attend class on the first day of the academic year, on the re-opening day after each of the vacations [summer, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas] and on the closing day before vacation.
  •  Those absent without prior permission will be fined at a rate of Rs25/- per day.
  •  Those absent due to sickness must intimate the school in writing and a medical certificate should be submitted on the joining the school.
  •  A student return leaves & Absence from an infectious or contagious disease must observe the prescibed period of quarantine before returning to class:

    •  Chicken pox : 6 days after the disappearance of the first crop of vesicles, or till scrabs are removed.
    •  Measles : At least 4 days after the appearance of rash.
    •  Mumps : Approximately 2 weeks (10-14) days after the onset of salivary glands, should produce a medical certificate. Permitting her to do so.

  •  Leave will not be granted for absence from school prior to a test / Examination.
  •  Absentees at an examination/test will be considered as having failed until it is established that their absence was due to illness.
  •  Leave of absence to attend social functions during school days will not be generally granted.
  •  Only the Principal gives exception in case of unforeseen circumstances.