Examinetion & Promotion

Test & Examinations

  •  To assess the progress of each student in various subjects and to facilitate an intense study of all the subjects we follow the Cycle / Cce pattern with grading system. Students will have regular assessments by oral and written tests.
  •  Special arrangements for examination / tests cannot be made for pupils who for any reason are absent. Tests / Examinations will not be adjusted according to individual students.The school conducts No RE-TEST / RE-EXAMINATION.
  •  Only those pupils who have paid all school fees are permitted to appear for examination.
  •  Answer papers of the Annual examinations will not under any circumstance be shown to the parents.
  •  Reports on general progress and results of the assessment, test and examinations are communicated to the parents by means of the Progress Reports.
  •  If any correction is to be made in the report card, it is to be brought to the attention of the Principal without 3 days of the receipt of Report Card. Parents are requested to take care of the Report Cards.
  •  Duplicate Copy of the Report will be issued only on payment of Rs. 100/-

Promotion Policy

  •  Promotion is granted based on the marks / grades obtained in all the examinations and whole years performance of the pupil. Hence, regularity in attendance and study is a must.
  •  The minimum pass marks in each subject will be 40 percent, Absence / leave in an examination / test / assessment will be treated as having received no marks in it.
  •  Leave form examination, in no case will be permitted more than once. The decision of the school authorities with regard of promotion is final.